Dr. Fitch has 30 years of experience diagnosing and removing skin cancers. The usual ones (and NOT alarming) are basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinomas. These are quite common and not life threatening. She has two operating rooms in her clinic and these surgeries are performed on site. For cancers of the head and neck, she utilizes the services of a pathologist so the "margins" are known to be clear before the patient leaves the Clinic.

There are certain circumstances wherein Dr. Fitch will refer the patient to a Moh's micro-graphic surgeon. This is dependent on the tumor type (aggressive) and the location of the lesion(s). She will provide you with all pertinent information.

There is an alarming rise in malignant melanoma in this area and in the country. The vast majority are very easily treated with no long term consequences if the lesion is found early before there is a significant invasion of the lesion into the deeper dermis of the skin.  Dr. Fitch has much available literature relative to the changes in moles to watch for.

For some reason, there is a significant amount of CTCL (Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma) in the Aiken area. These usually present as red scaly patches, usually around the hips. This can be diagnosed by a biopsy. It is not an alarming cancer.


Dr. Fitch has great expertise and experience in many cosmetic procedures, and has successfully performed them in hundreds of patients.

Botox injections: this is a great rejuvenator of the upper half of the face. The creases between the eyes, the horizontal forehead lines and the crows feet on the sides of the eyes. In addition, she is  a proponent of PREVENTION...particularly the lines above the lip.

Fillers: There are many many fillers now on the market...hard to keep up with all the new ones! Fillers are used for volume replacement that occurs with aging. The most important places to revolumize are the upper and mid cheek. This gives back the youthful "apple of the cheek" that is lost through the aging process. In addition, the lines that radiate from the corner of the mouth down towards the chin can be remediated. The dark line (trough) that goes from the corner of the eye down toward the cheek is called the tear trough  and easily remedied with a filler.

Topical treatments: Dr. Fitch often recommends a topical retinoid treatment to improve the skin texture and to ameliorate the fine lines and this will be discussed with you.


Dr. Fitch routinely removes moles, skin tags, cherry moles, dermatofibromas and other benign lesions of the skin.